Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh I missed you

So about a month ago, I had to work from home one day. I had a work laptop issued to me awhile back for just those occasions, so NBD. Or so I thought...

It was all but impossible getting logged on with the work laptop. So much time on the phone with my company's IT help desk, but finally - FINALLY - it worked.

MVP was also at home with me that day, and asked to use my macbook. Sadly, the macbook could not connect to the wireless network. Something had gone awry when I had done all the work with IT to get my work laptop on the network. Basically, whatever the hell they had me do, booted my personal devices off the network.

And so for the past month (I know!) I have not used the macbook or iPad. I would say I am just that lazy that I just continued to use my work laptop for personal usage, but honestly bloggy buds? I just could not stomach the thought of a call to Comcast to try and fix the situation.

Feeling a little brave (or maybe just bored) I called Comcast Friday night to try and fix whatever was wrong. After sitting on hold for more than 25 minutes, I gave up. Really missing my Apple products, I tried again on Sunday. After a frustrating phone call with a super un-helpful tech from Comcast who told me it would COST $45 TO RESET THE PASSWORD FOR MY NETWORK (WTF?!?!?!), fate stepped in and miraculously the issue was resolved.

Now, who knows how long it will stay fixed for, but on my goodness how I missed my Apple buddies. I even brought the Frankie the iPad to work with me for the day because I had missed him so very much.

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  1. $45 to reset a password?? That's horrendous! I have Verizon and haven't had any issues with them--if you have the option you should try and switch when youre able to!
    Yay for getting internet back tho!! :)