Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday -- Junior League

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I know many of us have seen the movie "The Help" and how it portrays the Junior League in a not-so-great light. Now, granted, this was set in the South in a time when membership in a women's group like the Junior League meant something different than it does today.

I'm very curious to hear from any readers out there who have experience with Junior League in general or in your town or city. Whether you are a member yourself, o have friends/relatives that are members.

I am coming towards the end of my new member year, and am looking back on what I thought the experience might be, what I had hoped it would be, and what it actually has been for me (if that makes any sense.) Looking for anyone else's experiences that I could compare/contrast my own to, to give me some perspective here.


  1. I am not a part of Junior League...Not sure if it's my thing. Did you like it???

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  3. I'm finishing my 8th year in the JL of Charlotte. It is defintley not like the sorority it use to be back in the day.
    It's full of successful, independent women that are on a mission to make a difference in the community.
    While most people think most of the members are SAHM's they are not.
    In our league most of us work at one of the banks or hold other jobs in and around town.
    It's a great network of women who I am glad I've gotten to know!
    I've been in a leadership position the last few years and while it's been a lot of work I'm glad to do it!

  4. I have had mixed experiences with the JL (have been a member of two diff leagues) but NONE have even remotely resembled The Help. I certainly hope your experience does not either. This is my 8th active year and first year on the board. I've been a Prov advisor, Member Retention, Fundraising Chair a few times, DIAD chair and now VP CC. I personally think that your Prov year is the most difficult time-wise. You have so many meetings to give you a full taste of your league but never really feel connected. I really think it takes a year or two on a committee to feel like you are a part of the team. My advice to everyone is to go to everything. Don't just go to your min requirements. I think DIAD's are the BEST way to make new friends as you are usually active and doing something new to you. Do more than your assigned number if they interest you. Join the side dinner clubs and book clubs and such. The old saying of you get out what you put in is so true.

    I love the League. But I have had to work hard at it. It didn't always come naturally- I often had to ask to be given opportunities to attend things like ODI. But it is really paying off now and I have made so many wonderful friends as a result.


  5. I'll let you know - one of the architects we work with invited a group of us to an upcoming charity event next week.

  6. I'm in my 4th year active and I love my league, granted Charlottesville is a small league. My provisional year was a mess(our prov chair got kicked out midyear) but I made fantastic friends that are now my closest friends here. Last year, I was a provisional advisor and while time consuming(even more so than my own provisional year), it was a great way to meet more people. This year(and next) I am the membership vp and I do hear grumbles from ladies not happy with various things. The vast majority of the ladies in my league work full time, though there is certainly at SAHM segment. One thing that is challenging about my league is it's very transient, as people move away after they or a spouse finish law school or Darden. My suggestion would be to give it a year of being active to see if it's really for you, as the provisional year can be difficult time wise.

  7. I would imagine it's much different than the movie. I'd love to join a JL here in LA... Would you recommend it to friends? Is it like a sorority at all?

  8. i'm in my second year - first active. my provisional year was tough - we were the largest provisional course the city had seen, and it was difficult to get to know new members.
    i didn't know if i would stick with it after my provisional year - however, now into my first active year i really love it. i'm so glad i gave it a second year. my committee is small - and the large number of provisionals was absorbed into the league really well. i did come into the league with friends, but we all chose different committees - it is a great way for us to get to know new people. since we all sit on different commitees we introduce one another to new people. i really love my work with diad.
    my experience does NOT resemeble anything in the help whatsoever. i've heard people who transfer in don't often like the philly league and tend to leave after a year ... but i think that's why i like the philly league so much. the women from philadelphia are different - and young women coming of age in the city aren't your usual socialiates. we're a great group of varied individuals!

  9. my two sisters joined it when they moved to Florida for the sole purpose of making new friends.... they only say good things about it.