Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Spring, everyone! Here in our Nation's Capital it's been feeling like Spring for a few weeks now. Heck, tomorrow and Friday it is supposed to be up near 80 degrees! No complaints here. But you know the second I take out all my spring/summer clothes and pack away the winter stuff, the temp will drop.

Still trying to make up some slack on my 40 posts in 40 days challenge -- a good reason to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

I'm loving....that today is Coach's birthday! I sent him a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, here in DC. He looks excited, right? I also love that my mom thought to take a pic and send it to me.

I'm loving....that we are halfway through the work week. Lately the work weeks seem to be draggggggggging along.

I'm loving....that this weekend, I figured out that it was not that my comforter was not the right size for the bed. It was that the mattress was wrong. I turned it by 90 degrees and problem solved. I know it seems silly, but it was SOOOOOO bothering me!

I'm loving....that it is almost OFFICIALLY baseball season. Looking forward to seeing the Phillies when they head down to DC in May.

I'm loving....that this morning, MVP put his oj glass in the dishwasher when he was finished with it. Not on the kitchen counter, or in the sink. Actually IN the dishwasher. Baby steps....


  1. Getting men to put the dirty dishes away is a huge accomplishment! Congrats!

  2. Wow...the one that stood out was the dishwasher! I can't stand when my roommate does this, and MG does it, too. The dishwasher is RIGHT THERE....take the extra half a second and put it IN there. Ugh. Well done on your small feat! :)

  3. YAY for the dishwasher! Love the picture of your dad!

  4. OMG, Dan leaves his glasses on his bedside table. Or dresser. I've walked 7 glasses downstairs before b/c they just don't move on their own. Dishwasher? That is remarkable.

  5. aw that is SUCH a cute pic!! :)