Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Malaise - weekend recap

Ever have one of those Mondays that starts off a bit on the wrong foot and then no matter howhard you try, it seems like everything goes downhill (FAST) after that?

Yeah, THAT is the kind of day I am having. I seriously cannot believe there are four whole MORE days to get through after this one. It feels like a week's worth of sh*t has already been compressed into this one day. And it's only 2:30....sigh. Not helping matters is that I just feel like I have so much weighing on my mind right now and it can be a struggle to keep my thoughts straight and keep myself on track.

I figured something positive I could do is just do a quick peek back at the high points of the weekend. At least that may put a smile on my face and help me temporarily forget how craptastic this week has started off.

After work on Friday, I took a trip to Costco (AKA one of my happy places) -- it makes me feel so accomplished to haul in all of my Costco treats and re-stock the fridge and pantry.

Saturday got to eat lunch at Red Robin which is so not good for you but OH so tasty every once in awhile. I was also in an area of VA that had a Wawa, so was able to make a stop there as well. DOUBLE AWESOMENESS!!

Sunday I got to sleep in (and catch up on some much needed sleep) and woke to MVP having cooked breakfast. A very pleasant (and welcomed) surprise. It was so good, I had to take a little nap afterwards.

Then I got myself up and showered and out the door to see L who is in town for the weekend. It was so SO good to see her and sad at the same time because I realize how much I miss her. Our lives are both different now in so many ways (mostly good!)but a little part of me got very sad knowing that we'll never be roommates again. I miss her especially on days like today...where I feel like I am getting kicked around all day, and would get to go home, and we would have something tasty for dinner (or inappropriate like a whole bunch of cheese and crackers) and watch some terrible move on OnDemand. Something girly and stupid that you swear to each other you will NEVER admit to anyone else that you WATCHED, let alone paid money for. I love MVP and all, but he is just not into that sort of thing.

I also got a wonderful text from my friend that her new baby boy had made his debut a little early. Ever have those moments where you feel so much happiness for someone else that it feels like your heart is too big for your chest? Well that is exactly how I felt getting her message. It's been so wonderful to watch her become a Mom to her first little boy and how wonderful she is at it (with I knew she would be, obvs) and how she is going to be EVEN MORE amazing now that she is a momma of two little boys. I'm just so happy for her and her family.

Ok, you know what? That did help a little. I also think a quick break from my desk and a little walk to go clear my head wouldn't hurt either.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends and your Monday is better than mine has been :)


  1. Im sorry your day/week has started off so sucky. It's nice that you had a good weekend, though! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that everything starts looking up! :)

  2. keep your chin up! I'm with you on cheese and crackers and wine on those down days! So bad but oh, so good!

  3. I have never been to Red Robin, but now their theme song is in my head!

    I had a f-ing amazing weekend. GREAT news on Friday for work and ended it with a little visit with an old friend named BP :)

    I cannot believe we have 4 more days either. Yuck.

  4. ack sorry about the crappy start to the week. hoping things get better asap!