Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where've I been lately?

Work has been seriously whooping my butt as of late. Like WHOAH. Not making things better, I was out in Chicago Sun-Tues for a conference. Anyone else get a serious headache trying to "manage projects remotely" while you are out of the office? By Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to throw my work iPhone into the river. Although I WILL say it was awesome to get to see some of my fave Chicago ladies while I was there for my much-too-quick visit!

On the way back from Chicago, I started having some serious teeth and jaw pain. It would go away and come back several times over the course of the evening until it just became blinding, tear-inducing pain that would wake me from a sound sleep.

So around 1 am, we headed to the ER. At am, after some shots in my jaw, one failed IV attempt that resulted in some really nasty-looking bruises on my arm, and one successful IV dosage of morphine, I was sent home and given a series of follow ups with other docs and dentists to determine what the problem is. I worked from home yesterday and the pain was off and on again, but thankfully nowhere near the level it had been. Back in the office today, still in some pain, and trying to make all the necessary appointments to start figuring out what the heck is going on.

Fun times, right? Never a dull moment recently, that's for sure!


  1. Shots to the jaw just made me cringe. I hope you don't have any more!!!

  2. Is it your wisdom teeth?? Or have you already gotten those out?

  3. Wisdom teeth got yanked more than ten years ago....they literally have no idea what is going on, but think it may be a nerve disorder. That I found online has been given the affectionate nickname of the "suicide disease" b/c I guess the pain is so bad you want to just kill yourself? haha, I mean wtf

  4. TMJ??OMG! HOpe they figure it out!

  5. Man, I hope you start getting better! That sounds awful!