Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

There are many things at work that irk the hell outta me.  And I realize more and more that they are not all job-specific....there is just some seriously weird and odd stuff/people around my office. 

The guy in the office next to  I don't even know where to begin.  
  • He burps.  Loudly.  Many times throughout the day.  Making no effort to conceal it or lessen the gusto with which he belches. 
  • He yawns and sighs a lot.  Like ALL.  THE.  TIME.  We are talking huge, dramatic, can't-cover-my-mouth-because-I-am-stretching-my-arms-above-my-head-which-I-think-amplifies-the-sound-of-the-yawn kind of action.  
  • He is exasperated by EVERY SINGLE email he receives.  Like he talks back to them and yells AT the email.  "Jesus Chirst!  You have to be kidding!"  or "GodDAMNit!!!"  
  • He clips his nails at his desk.  The sound makes me CRINGE.  

The Ladies Room on my floor.
  • Why do people hang out in there to have a conversation??  I can think of twelve other places that would be better suited for a one-on-one chat.  
  • I notice a few ladies (at various times throughout the day) with full makeup kits spread out in there, "touching up" their faces.  Why?!?!   Once, even spotted someone in there with a curling iron doing some mid-day touch ups.  
  • About a week ago, I noticed that a few of the stalls had air fresheners dangling off the hook on the stall door.  We are talking LITTLE TREE air fresheners for your CAR.  I honestly have never noticed some strong need to put up air fresheners in there, but if I did, I don't know that a shopping trip to Auto Zone would be my first choice to solve the problem.  The kicker?  They don't even smell nice.  They are overpowering and almost make me choke, the scent is so thick in the air.  I also may have gotten so fed up with this that I took it upon myself to throw them all away earlier this morning.  How long you figure before someone runs to buy new ones and put them up??

The small kitchen on my floor.
  •  So everyone has gripes about the common kitchen areas at their offices, I know.  I even fumed about the topic once before.   Okay....maybe twice.  But I have noticed here that people put stuff in the fridges and then leave them there, INDEFINITELY.  While there is a sign on the fridge door that says that all things should be removed by Friday at 5 as the fridges will be cleaned's clearly an empty promise.  I don't even want to bring my lunch anymore because I can't bear the thought of opening the fridge door and being assaulted by all the awful sights and smells from the sh*t that has been left there and forgotten.  So disgusting.
  • There is a bulletin board in the small kitchen that has work related posts -- info about what to do in case of an emergency, company blood drive, changes in employee policies...things like that.  And then this random picture.  It's been up there for months.  WTF?

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