Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is WRONG with people

I thought my list of annoyances with folks I work with would tap out.  I mean, I hope it WILL.  Eventually.  It has to, right?  Oh sweet jeezus, please tell me it will end eventually. 

But for now,  we have to add two more to the list:

  • Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring their Costco CASE of chobani yogurts to keep in the fridge.  Seriously?  You need to keep all of them here at work??  
  • The woman who is a good 4 office away from me (really more than that if you consider one of those 4 is an exec's office, so it's double the size) has taken to CRACKING her chewing gum.  All.  Damn. Day. Long.  
Sigh.  Is it Friday yet??


  1. The Chobani thing would kill me!! seriously

  2. Who eats that much freaking yogurt?!?! I mean, I love yogurt, but more than a couple a week and I'm ready to toss that stuff. Variety, people, variety.