Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

These are random and all over the place....kind of how I feel today.

1. The best part about getting up early and working out before work, is that I feel like no matter WHAT happens at work today, at least i can say I accomplished something.  Even if that something was completely unrelated to work.

2.  I am on the ledge thinking of buying some cowboy boots.  I don't know why....only that I feel like I need them in my life and in my closet.  Even if it is just to gaze upon them.  What do you think?

3.  I think wearing a nice, bright new necklace to work today has really done wonders for my mood.  I have been so charming and friendly in meetings today I am even starting to get annoyed with myself.  

4.  I brought these cupcakes to work today and served them at a morning meeting.  call me crazy, but I think meetings are much less painful when I bring treats.  And yes, these cupcakes were Pinterest-inspired.  Can you tell they were an Olympics-theme, or was it too much of a stretch?
5.  My new Erin Condren life planner FINALLY arrived (after MAJOR nightmares with Fed Ex...and then they had done my planner in the wrong color...#whitegirlproblems)  and I instantly felt more at ease with my life.  I don't even care if that's weird.  I am looking forward to breaking out my colored pens and going to town with it sometime this weekend.

6.  We are getting a new piece of furniture delivered and it is all I can seem to think about.  I just want it to be delivered, assembled (that'll be an MVP project) and then I can set about filling the shelves of it and trying to de-clutter a bit.  Heaven.

7.  I am in some sort of home deco-nesting phase because I also managed to talk MVP into a Saturday trip to Ikea and.......HOBBY LOBBY!!  I have never been to a Hobby Lobby.  I never even saw the outside of one until a few months ago.  I honestly thought it was some mythical thing that other people talked about, but I wasn't really *sure* that it actually existed.

8.  I think I was only mostly able to talk MVP into this trip b/c I mentioned cinnamon rolls at Ikea and stops at both Wawa and Rita's.

9.  Friends With Kids was very good....although I don't know that I am totally on board with the ending.  has anyone else seen it?

10.  Dark Knight Rises was....whoah.  So good.  But I had such an on edge feeling being in a theater and watching that movie after the tragedy in Colorado.  I had even read the exact part of the movie when everything happened and found myself tearing up then and feeling really upset and overwhelmed. 
11.  Switching gears and lightening the mood....I have no idea who 85% of the contestants are on this season of "Bachelor Pad" yet I am watching it anyway.

12. any of you know about Snickers ice cream minis?  They are ridiculous.  A little bar is a perfect size for a sweet ice cream treat craving and only 90 calories.  I have issues with portion control -- if you give me that little treat, I will eat it and feel happy and satieated.  If you give me a half gallon of ice cream and a scoop, I will likely scoop myself a way-too-generous serving, eat it all, feel happy for a second and then overcome with malaise and guilt.


  1. If you're coming to the Hobs Lobs, I'm guessing you're heading towards my 'burbs?

    Go for the boots!

    1. I am going to hit up the one in Laurel and then can go to the CP Ikea on the way back to VA -- it's the perfect plan!!!

  2. I have been dying to see Friends with Kids. Will make sure I do next time I ondemand.

    I saw a pair if cowboy boots at Target today!!! I literally almost bought them. I was thinking I could buy a cheap pair, see if I wore them and then if I did purchase a new pair.

    1. Ooooh....maybe I should test drive some Target ones too -- good idea, MCW!

  3. See . . . I am terrified that I would proceed to eat 4 of those little Snickers things.

    1. I have DEFINITELY had times where I have eaten two and contemplated a third....on the box it does say a "serving sive" is 4 pieces :)

  4. Good for getting up and working out!
    I got real cowboy boots for Christmas last year. That was the one thing I really wanted and I've worn the heck out of them! I say go for it!
    I've seen the commercials for the minis but those things wouldn't last 2 seconds in our house! I would never buy them b/c of that!

  5. Good for getting a workout in before work. I feel better when I get in one before work even if it is a short one. And those cupcakes are so cute.