Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sharing a dirty little fashion secret

I am *almost* embarassed to fess up to this one.  But it really is too good not to share.

Like many women out there, I have a HORRIBLE time finding good jeans.  Mainly this is because I am not built like a leggy Victoria's Secret Model.  While not a total label whore, I do think that you really get what you pay for when it comes to denim, so I am not opposed to designer denim at all.  I've usually found that Joe's Jean Provocateur fit suits my freakishly-short diminutive stature quite well.  I usually don't end up paying full price for these, opting to pick them up when I see them at Nordstrom Rack or a sale on Hautelook or RueLaLa.  We even have a Joe's outlet not too far away in VA.

But I needed some new jeans for the recent San Fran vacation (that I promise I will write about soon!!) and was short on time.  So on a whim....I picked up a couple pairs of jeans from...

American-freaking-Eagle.  I made my purchase online because I don't even think anyone over the age of 15 is allowed to set foot in the store. They arrived at the apartment (in fairly non-descript packaging, thank god) and I gave a "here goes nothing" sigh and tried them on. was like some denim fairy godmother had dropped them off especially for me.  Great length (important since I am so short), not too low of a rise (important since no one over the age of 25 should wear low rise), solid dark wash that didn't look too chintzy.

But the best part????  The stretch.  The sweet, beautiful, I-could-downward-facing-dog-in-these-and-then-take-a-nap-in-them comfort of these jeans is UNbelievable.  Actually, it's kind of what I imagine Pajama Jeans must feel like without having to be a total loser and buy Pajama Jeans from the As Seen on TV Store and give them a try myself.

As with all dark washes, I washed before wearing, turning them inside out and washing in cold water with Woolite for Darks.  Placed on drying rack to air dry and then finished up with a couple spritzes of  Downey wrinkle release and tumbled on low heat for a few minutes just to soften them up.  (And yes....I realize I am quite particular about how I wash jeans.)

The other great part is how freaking cheap these jeans are -- rarely more than $40 a pair and they are always offering BOGO offers and other coupon codes.

So seriously friends, do yourself a favor and get some American Eagle SUPER STRETCH denim.  They have skinnies, bootcut, name it.  Just as long as it says "super stretch" in the name, you are on the right track.  Just trust me on this can come back and thank me later. 


  1. Belle swears by AE demin! I need to stop in...

    1. Seriously, they are worth a try. ESPECIALLY their skinnies -- they are perfect wearing with boots. Like, perfect.

  2. Hi there!
    I've never commented before but just had to today! I am 34 years old and I only wear AE jeans! Ha. Have for years and yes they are the only jeans that fit my freakishly short legs too!! Love love love them forever and ever. Glad you discovered the secret too!

  3. I will have to check those out when I need a new pair. I have had luck with Old Navy jeans. And I wash my jeans almost the same way except no wrinkle reducer I just throw mine into the dryer on air fluff.