Friday, May 3, 2013

So close...I can almost taste it...

By this time tomorrow, I will be on a plane.  I am leaving all my stresses and worries of late back here in DC.  Well, I am going to at least TRY to, anyway. 

Earlier this year, I realized MVP and I had never taken a true vacation together.  Yes, we've travelled together -- road trips, holidays, family get togethers.  And we did take a trip to Florida last summer, but it was a group vacation with lots of MVP's family. 

I gave it some thought and set my sights on a particular trip.  I asked MVP to check his schedule and see if he would be able to take vacation on that particular week.  He gave me the all clear and I booked the tickets.

And didn't tell him where we were going.  He HATES surprises.  And me?  I LOVE them.  I think after the 2011 Christmas Day of Adventure he trusts me a little more...but still a little anxious. 

There was no way I would be allowed to wait to tell him the destination.  But I still wanted some sort of surprise.  Stopped at the store on the way home to get a card to put the info in, and then had an even better idea. 

And of course Blogger keeps flipping the photo.....

I just emptied the box, put the tickets in and taped it back up.  Bonus that it was on sale for $0.99 so was also much cheaper than a greeting card.

Tomorrow MVP and I will be off to San Francisco for a week.  Have been quite a few times and is still one of my fave cities to visit.  We have a few things planned out and a few days that are a little more open/laid back -- we figured over scheduling a "vacation" was def not going to alleviate all of my stress. 

This pullover will also be coming with -- the Phillies are in San Fran next week.  Yes, they will probably lose, but I will enjoy getting to see them in such a nice ballpark. 

So for now, its deep breaths to try and get me through the home stretch today and then I am outta here!


  1. Oh how fun! I adore San Francisco. I can't wait to read about your adventures. Be sure to rest and relax a lot too!


  2. Have a great trip!! Try and relax!! :)

  3. Sounds like fun and a great way to tell him where y'all are going on vacation.

  4. We're headed out there in September to do Napa again too. We LOVE.LOVE.LOVE it out there! Doesn't hurt some of our best friends live there!