Monday, June 9, 2014

Deviled Megs said "Yes!"

Ok, it was really weird to even type that blog title.  But about two months ago, during a trip to LBI, MVP asked me to marry him.  And, as the blog title has already given it away, I said yes.

I knew that the proposal was coming.  I had wanted MVP to use a diamond that had belonged to my Gram, so I would occasionally check the ring box in my drawer to see if the ring was still in there.  So when it was gone, well I'm no Nancy Drew, but I figured it would be soon-ish.

Scene - LBI for Easter weekend, getting ready for our usual  drive on the island.  Deviled Megs is in the house getting ready to leave, MVP is on the front porch with Coach and Pop-Pop.  MVP comes back in the house and comes to find Deviled Megs.
MVP: Can you hear them out there on the porch?"
Deviled Megs: Nope.
MVP: They're talking so loudly.

MVP exits.

Deviled Megs' inner monologue: I bet he was out there asking permission to marry me.

We did our usual LBI drive -- first to the southern point of the island, and then up to Barnegat Lighthouse at the northern point.  But this time, our usual drive ended with a proposal.
Yes, this is the first photo of me on the blog - eeks! Don't tell MVP, I didn't ask him if it was ok to post it. 

As we were walking back to the car, I was admiring my sparkly new ring and then was fidgeting with my nails.

MVP: You're upset I didn't wait until you had a manicure, aren't you?
Deviled Megs: Um.....kinda?
MVP: Ok, we can stop and get you one on the drive home.

I mean as if I didn't already know he was a keeper, that sealed the deal for me right there!  So technically, the very first person I told that I had just gotten engaged was Kim of Kim's Nails in Surf City, NJ.  
True Story.  

It's been a crazy and exciting time since then -- sharing the good news with friends and family, taking drives to look at wedding venues, spending too much time on Pinterest.  MVP recently asked me why I hadn't blogged in a long time.  I gave my usual responses - so busy, work is stressing me out, no time, etc.  But he then reminded me that I do love this weird little corner of the interwebs I have all to myself.  I have missed it. The other wonderful thing about this blog is that it's let me capture some of the most important things in my life these past few years.  Meeting MVP.  L moving away.  MVP Moving in.  Becoming an Aunt.  Buying a couch. The world's worst temp assistant.

And guys....never forget that I told you that Adele was about to become EVERYTHING.  So called that.  

Will this be a wedding blog now?  Who knows.  It would be hard not to write about it since it is a pretty big thing in my life right now.  But I don't see me being a "Hey you guys, help me pick out the font for my cocktail napkins" kind of gal.  So if I can promise not to write about every. Single. Wedding. Detail. I hope you will all come back and join me here from time to time.  

Because everyone always asks to see the ring.


  1. I have missed your blog updates and am so excited to see this story make it onto the internet! Congratulations my friend.

  2. Congratulations!!! I had wondered if something happened since I saw all of your wedding pins on Pinterest haha. Enjoy this time! If you need any recommendations for vendors etc in the area, I'd be happy to help!

  3. Congratulations! How exciting and gorgeous ring! I, too, kinda figured something was up via pinterest :)

  4. Yayee! So excited for you two. CAn't wait to keep reading :)

  5. Congrats!!! The ring is beautiful