Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, nothing newsday

Every time I have gotten frustrated or stressed over something at work today, I have reminded myself that at least it is Tuesday, shortened work weeks are the best.

I had a posting I wanted to get to today, but have been far too busy kicking @ss at work. I'm actually serious, I have been pretty much tearing through things today. It must be a burst of energy and productiveness I have as a result of the roughly 15 hours of sleep I got yesterday. And NO, I am not exaggerating that amount. I was asleep more than I was awake yesterday. And for once in the last month or so, I am not sick or feeling like I am coming down with something. I think all my running around and stress and what not caught up with me and my body kind of powered down yesterday. Great because I am sure I needed it. Not so great because I had a bunch of errands and chores that I really needed to take care of yesterday that will have to wait until who knows when.

Has anyone else out there had extreme sleep issues? Either I (a) cannot fall asleep, (b) am waking up often throughout the night so have very poor quality of sleep, (c) wake up freakishly early, like at 4 am, and can't fall back to sleep, or (d) I sleep so much you would think I was a hibernating bear. I am not sure if I am at a point where I should be concerned and perhaps talk to my doctor about it. Hopefully it is something I can get back to "normal" soon enough before I develop any scary Motrin PM dependencies.

Hope you all had lovely weekends -- esp if they were 3 days long like mine was! And pretty, pretty please come back to read this week, I promise to have some real and fun postings!

And thanks to those who have given me lovely awards in the past few weeks..I haven't gotten to them yet, but I will and apprecaite them so SO much!


  1. I find myself before more (d) as of late. I can sleep for HOURS. But then again, I am starting to feel a bit sick too :(

  2. I had this going on for awhile and I finally talked to my doc. He recommended melatonin (natural because your body makes it) at the same time every day, and then when I can't seem to fall asleep, take some PM pain relievers to fall asleep...so far, so good! Oh, and he said if I took the PM pain relievers that I made sure to have at least 7 hours of sleep so I didn't wake up feeling hungover/groggy.

  3. A lot of time subconscious stress can do it. My husband goes through the same thing. It's not that there is stuff on your mind but it's still there, simmering in the background somewhere and it makes you restless. Then your mind and body just become saturated and you sleep and sleep and sleep. I think a mild sleeping pill every once in a while to regulate you is perfectly fine.

  4. Ahhhh! I am really thinking we are long lost relatives.
    I have NOT been sleeping lately. I go to bed exhausted and then I cannot fall asleep. My mind races and I just toss and turn for hours, but its not like I am stressed or anything. What is going on?

  5. I can have issues sleeping, but then again, I work graveyard so that messes with me in a special way. I myself have slept 15 hours without being sick or taking sleeping pills. Sometimes your body just needs rest and sticking yourself in a mini-coma is one way of doing it. Sometimes it just takes your body some time to sort itself out.

  6. I have had issues with not getting to sleep. And I have done what you did on MOnday too due to just exhaustion from all the stress.