Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Odds and Ends and when will this freaking week end?

Let me start off by asking you how in the hell it is only Tuesday?!?! I am totally serious, I feel like it could be at least Wednesday if not Thursday. That can't be good...and won't make for a muy bueno rest of the week, that's for sure.

So I just have some this-n-that, odds-n-ends stuff for today. But wanted to take a little break today and post something. You know, before I engage in some workplace violence and land my @ss in jail. I imagine the weeks likely feel even longer there, so I'd like to refrain from getting myself locked up if I can help it.

1. Today is L's 30th Birthday!!! She is a fabulous friend and part-time pseudo-life partner and I wish her nothing but happiness and good things in her thirties. We had a great time toasting the birthday girl this weekend. My favorite contribution to the evening was this adorable photo cake. Love it. Want to only have photo cakes for everything moving forward.

I also made fun photo boards (with the help of the assistant at work...and no, with the crap that I have been put through at work lately, I don't really feel guilty about that!) and we got some requisite 30-themed decorations from the party store. Side note, was furious at the party store for not having any Justin Bieber-related merchandise. and yes, we asked. The Bartender that was serving us in the back room of the bar where she held the party was great, really nice and helpful. I laughed that this is how the iPhone took this photo...because he may have looked just that blurry after those two shots!

2. I do appreciate the nice comments and caring emails I have gotten from blog peeps lately. SO much. Trust me, even if things can't be fixed at this very moment or look a little bleak for the time being, your kind thoughts and words help me feel less better and less alone. But please trust me, there is little chance anyone can top my world's worst Valentine's Day yesterday. I confided to 3 people about it and they had to hand it to me...they really could not think of anyone they knew to have something as equally or more sh*tty happen to them. I wish I could stop winning the "sh*ttiest things that happen to a person" contest. The prizes totally suck.
• 2a. I did have a Valentine's Day package from my Mom with two sets of Lilly P pjs - one for me and one for L.
• 2b. Pat on the back to me for actually giving L the other pair of pjs and not keeping both sets for myself.
• 2c. Have I ever posted about my borderline weird obsession with matching pajamas? Hmm, lemme check on that. If not, you will all be reading about it this week.

3. I got to get in some fabulous QT with Baby HB on Saturday morning before going to pick up the birthday cake. God bless my friend for answering my text and letting me come over for some baby therapy on Saturday morning. It made me totally forget about everything I have been stressed and upset about for a few hours and helped me so so much. And again, I may be totally biased, but my friends make the world's cutest babies, I kid you not. Baby HB cracks herself up by staring at her reflection in the mirror, it's hilarious. She also waved for the first time while I was there -- a very regal wave that looked like she should have been riding on a float in the Parade of Roses, loved it.

4. When I went to the kitchen here at work this morning, I noticed the below. This seems like quite a sadistic marketing set up, don't you think? What would J. Hudson think of this?

5. Bieber tunes featured on "Glee" tonight. I am not embarassed to admit that is one of the main things getting me through today.

6. I really hope my future adopted Asian Baby doesn't want to go to college some day, because I am blowing her college fund on Chop't salads. I need to stop "treating" myself to them every day.

7. Whatever I don't blow at Chop't was handed over to Miss K. Spade and her online sample sale this morning. Seriously, I was totally powerless against it.

8. My purchase of new purses made me think I have some older "gently used" purses that I am just not in love with any more. Anyone have any experience/advice with selling to consignment shops, or even on ebay?

That was quite a long collection of odds-n-ends...kinda shows you how scattered my brain is these days!


  1. Good post! What types of purses are you wanting to sell? I might be interested.

  2. Sorry you had such a miserable day yesterday. Hope it's getting better! And what are Chop't salads--I think I need to know about them!

  3. I love your odds and ends post- so entertaining. I'm cracking up at 2b.

  4. I'm sorry about your day yesterday! That's why I hate Valentine's Day....it is either great or SUCKS! PJs sound great though :) and I'm so jealous of Kate Spade sale purchases....I wish I had some money! Retail therapy always helps me!

    Lots of love!


  5. What is this picture cake of sorts? I've never seen such a thing~!

    Laughing so hard about the weight watchers display, and your Asian baby.

    Glad to see that no matter how crappy yesterday was, you still have your sense of humor!! If you need anything..I'm here :)

  6. I want that WW sign to put all over my apartment! What do you mean matching PJs? Crap. May need to return something in your package if you every get it!!!!!!

  7. I feel the same way about this week - it has been going SO SLOW.

  8. This week is going so very slow.