Friday, July 15, 2011

I like everything!

That is *exactly* how I feel today.  I woke up at 5am, probably because I was just too happy and excited to sleep.  Today is my LAST DAY at the firm and I am bouncing up and down in my desk chair as I type this.  I have a list of odds and ends to get through, including copying my personal files to this lovely little flash drive (Thanks, Mom!)

Then tomorrow I get to head out to Chicago for a fun-filled weekend, capped off with a trip to Wrigley on Monday to see my Phillies.  And yes...I will be wearing my Phillies gear, including headband and Vineyard Vines tote.  Deal with it, Cubbie fans.  On a related note, if anyone in the Chicagoland area hears a report on the news about an incident at Monday night's game and then this blog goes's probably not a coincidence.

Tuesday morning the movers will come to Homey C's apartment to pack up her stuff and then we are hitting the road for our mini-road trip back to DC.  We are planning to stop at Cedar Point Amusement Park, maybe a day at Put-in-Bay and a swing through Pittsburgh.  Thoughts on detours, sidetracks and stops along the way are welcomed.

People have commented to me lately that I seem so much happier.  And that's because I just feel so happy right now.  It's not just the new job, because let's face won't be all sunshine and lollipops there either.  There will just not be any lawyers, thank goodness.

I just have a lot of good things happening me for me right now (because I asked for them!) And I feel beyond lucky and fortunate at the moment.  I also feel like I might be one of those people on the streets just smiling and bouncing along that I normally make fun of...touche, God.  Touche. 

I know just about everyone on the planet has seen this already, but Jessica and her daily affirmation hit the nail on the head of how I am feeling today.  cause I kind of like everything and feel that, at the moment, I can do anything good.

Happy weekend!


  1. Yayee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally got your bounce back.

  2. happy last day Megs!!!
    (and I looove that flash drive - too cute!!)


  3. That video cracked me up! Love her hair! I was just visiting Chicago the weekend of the 15th and had a blast! Love that flash drive, too!