Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just some more mental dumping

I don't know if it helps, per say. But I think at this point it can't make it worse, right?

• I'm more used to/accustomed/comfortable being alone that I am with the thought of actually being with someone else. To the point where I have to share my own life with them.

• I don't think my dreams of leaving DC are going to leave me. I wake up most mornings now wishing I was somewhere else.

• I've tried to be a good person and a good friend my whole life. I thought that would always work out for me. Maybe I needed a different strategy.

• I wish tomorrow was Friday. So. Very. Much.

• I also wish this weekend was one that had me free from meetings and obligations. Because I think right now I would do very well with a weekend of movies and popcorn on the couch. In my pajamas. Maybe a pedicure. Could make me a whole new person.


  1. Sounds like you a need a hug so I'm sending one your way! Just trust that it will all work out and i think sometimes we are felt this way in life to only become truly stronger people.

  2. I can so relate to the first and second bullets. Finding the right balance is difficult.

    Thinking of you - you've got a lot to process mentally right now. Remember to be nice to yourself (easier said than done, I know).

  3. :( Let's go get Jason's Deli before meeting on Sunday. Free ice cream doesn't solve all problems, I know, but it sure as heck can't hurt.

  4. :(

    I can relate to the 4th bullet. But, I REALLY do believe things will work out. They will. I just know it.

  5. Hugs! I can relate to pretty much everything you said here. I wish I could give some sort of advice, but I'm still going through all of the same things. Just keep moving forward. It's so difficult to not 2nd guess switching jobs, dealing with difficult situations-both guy and friend wise, and whether or not to move.