Friday, October 28, 2011

Does anyone remember the Ten Day Challenge??

Probably not because I semi-abandoned it sometime last month. Not on was more that my life has felt like a toy being batted around by some crazy cat. And for the most part, it still does. But I am finding a quiet tiny space of time right now to do something that I enjoy. To clarify, something that I enjoy that is NOT eating something I shouldn't or purchasing things I don't need on the internet.

So when I last left off, I was at Six Places.

•1• Costco. There, I said it. I freaking love Costco. I have very little real need for anything there but want everything I see. A couple nights after work has been especially difficult, I have stopped there before going home. Just to walk around. I have no idea what it is about seeing bulk produce and huuuuuuge boxes of cereal that calms me, but it does. Don't judge.

•2• The airport. Any airport. Yes, even you Kansas City International Airport. I know it's such an odd place to list, but many years ago, I had a job for one year before grad school where I all but lived in airports. I was on the road for 6-8 weeks at a time, and would be in 2 or 3 places each week. My head feels dizzy trying to tally all the miles I logged that year. But being in an airport anytime since then, and that's all I think about. How much I did that one little year in my life and how it changed me and instilled in me a lot of the qualities I have today. Oh and the fact that they are amazing for people watching :)

•3• My grandparent's house at the shore. I spent every summer there while I was growing up and realize now how spoiled I was not only to be able to stay there every summer, but to have all that time with my Gram and Pop-Pop. I have some of my strongest memories of my Gram there and whenever I go back, I usually tear up at least once or twice thinking of her. And how much she must hate it that you are now allowed to have food and non-clear beverages past the kitchen. You would not believe the tight ship she ran and the clean house she had as a result. My summers down the shore (and the cleaning training I got there!) are the very reason I make my bed. Every. Single. Day.

•4• Disney. I'm not one of those over the top, semi-cultish, borderline crazies by ANY means. But I love me some Disney. I only went once as a kid but have been 4 or 5 times as an adult. Twice for Thanksgiving. You cannot help but be happy there and feel like you are 12 years old without a care in the world. Now, I will fully admit that as an adult I have only ever been with other adults there, so I imagine there may be some less-than-sunny moments with children who may be hopped up on sugar, in need of a nap, or on the verge of a meltdown. I'm sure my day with all of that will come too. But even with that, I'd still take a crappy day at Disney over the best day at work!

•5• My college sorority house. I know, I cliche and cheesy. But also, so true. That house was and is still one of my favorite places. I get to go back there on a regular basis since I volunteer time as a chapter advisor and every time I go there it just makes me feel happy. I get the serious warm and fuzzies and I feel....home. I had some of my happiest times and fondest memories living in that house. I met some of my closest friends there. I love watching the hustle and bustle there and remembering that there was actually a time when my biggest stress was what my costume was going to be for a theme party and who was going to be my big sister. You know...REAL problems.

•6• Bed time chats with MVP. Ok I have NO IDEA who has recently hijacked the usual Deviled Megs and replaced her with this sappy facsimile, but let's just all try and deal with it, shall we? Right now in my life, when so many things feel uncertain and scary and stressful, laying in bed and talking to MVP makes me feel grounded and calm. We talk about what may be going on at work, how I'm feeling, what he can do to help me, what I can do to help myself feel better. We talk about tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. I go to bed feeling a little bit more peaceful and I wake up and feel a little bit better about being able to make it through the day. I know how special that is and am feeling really grateful to have that in my life right now.


  1. Great List - you made me miss my Grandma and her house and cooking - all of it!! Also you know I am a hopeless romantic and I love #6!!! Couldn't be happier about #6!! Also made me appreciate my bedtime chats as well..

  2. I always tell myself I'm going to be one of these blog challenges thing "30 things, 30 days." "picture a week" etc... but i never do.
    good for you for trying it out!

    and I love me some Disney too