Monday, October 31, 2011

Ten Day Challenge -- Five Foods

All the way down to Five -- look at me go!

Five foods (AKA the things I need to limit myself from eating huge portions of otherwise I might be morbidly obese):

1. Cheese. Any. Kind. Of. Cheese.

2. Seafood. I realize that's probably a cheat since it is more of a category of food but y'all just need to cut me some slack. Love anything seafood. Crabcakes, Shrimp. Salmon. Swordfish. Scallops. All of it. Yes, please.

3. Potatoes. Mash em. Fry em. Scallop em. Bake em. Hash brown em. Turn em into tots. Really there is nothing you could do to em that I wouldn't eat up.

4. Soup in breadbowls. Preferably of the sourdough variety and if I am very lucky, also from Bourdin. Who came up with that concept? They are a freaking genius.

5. Soft Pretzels with Mustard. I shudder to think of all the pretzels I manage to shove in every time I visit family in PA/NJ. It's got to be a scary amount. I'm proud and ashamed all at the same time.

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