Monday, June 10, 2013

Another one bites the dust

 It has been just around 4 months since my boss was let go.  It has been a really "interesting" time since then...lots of uncertainty, rolling with the punches, pulling my hair out, and just trying to hang on and get by. 

They finally hired someone just over two months ago.  The role changed a bit -- was put in another department, I was not reporting to them) but it was a good thing.  Gave us some new perspective to work with, I really enjoyed working with him, and was thinking maybe this could help give me some hope for awhile to keep on keeping on.

Well, about a week or so ago, he announced he was moving to a different group.  Same role, just different group within the company.  I thought there was a possibility it could happen when there were some other internal moves, but hoped maybe I would be wrong.  No such luck.

Last Monday, we actually had a new hire start in our department -- same role as me and my colleagues.  A good sign for sure, thinking after she was fully onboarded we could redistribute the workload and I might be freed up a little to focus more on some of the projects I never seemed to have time for. 

And then today the most senior person in our dept put in their two weeks.  I knew it was bound to happen.  We both fell for a "bait and switch" when it came to our jobs here -- being led to believe we would be doing one thing, then after starting realizing it was nothing like what was discussed during the interview process. 

So now...well now my friends I am officially screwed.  No idea how things are going to get by until they hire a replacement for her (and really, she had all the institutional knowledge for our group, so that is irreplaceable) and how we are going to manage her workload in the interim. 

You know that feeling when you don't think it could get ANY worse....and then it does?
I feel that times a hundred today

I am almost longing for the days of my temp assistant at my last job.....


  1. hang in there--hopefully it will get better. And start looking for other jobs!

  2. oh goodness, so sorry! 2 jobs ago, I had 5 different bosses in 8 years, and 4 different colleagues who left in under a year and a half. It's a nightmare to have to constantly readjust the workload!

    I echo Jenn, in that hopefully you can somehow find the time to look for a new job, but after 9 months of job searching full time, I know how damn time consuming the job search can be!

  3. Yikes! I have been in similar situations with previous jobs before, and it's never fun. I can just hope that one day things will be closer to "normal" for you. And I've also been looking for full-time work since October and it that in itself is a full-time job. Do what you feel is best for you, whether that's sticking it out or looking quietly elsewhere.

  4. Oh my! I know you are stressing. I am already beginning to stress over our situation at work where 2 of the 6 of the people in my roll will be going out on maternity leave 2 weeks apart in November. I hope they find someone fast so it won't be so stressful.