Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm Loving...that I have been a little bit better/consistent with posting.  [Pats self on the back]

I'm Loving...presents.  Getting presents for people is one of my all time favorite things to do.  A few weeks ago I got an amazing text from a friend (who happens to be my Little Sister from my sorority....and yes, her contact info is saves as Little in my phone).  She was set to be a caller on an episode of Watch What Happens Live!

 Yes, I felt a pseudo-parental sense of pride about the whole thing and naturally had to celebrate the occasion with an appropriate gift.  One for her, and one for her daughter.

I'm Loving...sticking to the plan of getting up earlier in the morning to do my Physique 57 before work.  I definitely still feel like a grump when the alarm goes off and I trudge out of bed, but when the workout is done I feel like I have started my day off well and if everything else goes to sh*t....well at least I accomplished something first thing in the morning!
 I'm Loving...that last night, MVP told me he was proud of me for getting up early to workout.

I'm Loving...that today is really my Thursday since I am off on Friday for a doctor's visit.  Not really sure what that says about me/my job that I am THAT excited about going to the doctor....

I'm Loving...Princesses of Long Island.  You guys, this show is SUCH a train wreck and I love every second of it. 

I'm Loving...that I got some old clothes cleaned out of my closet last night and have two huge goodwill donation bags ready to go. 

I'm Loving...that after work tonight MVP and I are going to a MORTIFIED show.  I harbor a secret desire to join the DC chapter.  I think the only problem is that I have way too many embarrassing experiences to choose from.


  1. ooh I have the advanced physique 57 dvd and love it! I try to attend a class in the city every time I get back to CT. Of course between train fare and the actual class cost, it works out to about $50 per class. a real bargain.

    1. I have all the DVDs and enjoy trying to keep up with their Monthly at-home Challenge -- they give you a day-by-day schedule of which workouts to do. Left to my own devices, I tend to be lazy...but if someone gives me a plan to follow, I am much more apt to stick to it!

  2. Mortified? Never heard of it!??? Yay for morning workouts!

  3. Ok, apparently I need to watch this LI show. I gave up reality TV, but I hear such amazing things a about it!

  4. Ok first, i love the name of your blog!!! LOL too cute. Second, awesome she was on WWHL... love me some Andy Cohen.

  5. Way to go with the morning workouts

  6. Love those tees, and i don't know why more people don't buy these videos. My favorite is the 57 full body workout. With that said, the 30 minute workout is a nice break when I am sore.