Friday, August 14, 2015

Saying goodbye

“Saying Goodbye” from The Muppets Take Manhattan KILLS me you guys.  KILLS ME.

As we have been in the stages of cleaning up/purging the apartment, I have found myself humming it while I have been making donation bags for goodwill, then catching myself humming it and almost crying. 

I can’t believe I have been living here as long as I have.  This apartment and this little area outside of DC.  Admittedly, I have ragged on it. Quite a bit.  But that’s me, you guys….you know I find the flaw and never focus on the good.  I’ll try to work on that in Philly.  You know, since it’s a city known for its optimism and  general rosy outlook on life.

What has been the hardest for me is saying goodbye to friends.  More so than I thought it would. 

Wait….that makes me sound like a really sh*tty friend. 

I never thought I would have the amazing friends that I do.  I don’t mean that to sound completely cliché, but if you told me 10 years ago where I would be and who would be in my life I probably would not have believed you.  I consider myself so very lucky.

Friendships born in college, mostly at the KD Kastle, have grown and deepened over the years.  I've watched as friends got married and had babies.  And now some of those babies are going off to kindergarten and first grade and aren't really babies anymore.  

I got lucky that a craigslist roommate turned into a very dear friend.  Living with L made me a better roommate and a better person in general and now MVP gets to reap that benefit for the rest of his days, haha.  

I got home from work last night and the whole apartment was packed up in boxes, MVP noting that it took one person 4-5 hours just to pack up my closet.  Not sure whether I should be ashamed or embarrassed....

Looking at the boxes and the bare walls made me teary-eyed.  So much happened in my life in the 6 years I lived in that apartment. When L moved out, MVP moved in.  We got a couch....and eventually got engaged because thankfully he forgave me for the couch fiasco.  I even got a new last name.

So today is a little bittersweet, thinking about the good friends and the good times I've had here.  I know I am not exactly moving to a different planet, I mean, it's only a 3 hour drive away.  But much as I love Philly and I know MVP and I will love living there, there won't be anyone there quite like them.

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