Thursday, September 8, 2011

Almost Friday and the Ten Day Challenge

Does anyone else ever feel like short weeks somehow find a way to actually feel longer? As in, it feels like this week should already be over. Again, I am going to blame this gray, rainy, dreary weather in the DC area for my general funk of an attitude I seem to be stuck in this week. I am seriously hoping that that song is right and that gray skies are, in fact, gonna clear up. Because I am more than in need of putting on a happy face.

Seven Wants Is it bad that I also feel like I could eeeeeeasily complete a seventy wants list??

•1• To start getting the hang of things at work. I still feel so unsure of things and so clueless. The worst of it all is that I feel so unsettled. Which is already how one might feel when your company is being sold and you are unsure about your future. If I could at least feel more confident and sure of the work I was doing, it might make it all a bit more bearable.

•2• To lose a bit more weight. When I dropped weight earlier this year, I felt wonderful. I felt accomplished and had more self confidence and just had a better outlook on things. Basically, I felt successful at something, which was something I had not felt in awhile.

•3• An iPad. Do I NEED it? No, sure don't. But boy do I want one. REAL BAD.

•4• To just relax and chill the f*ck out a little. My brain feels like it has a crack-addict hamster running on a wheel non stop. I have felt so stressed out and anxious lately that I had a little bit of a meltdown the other morning as I tried to figure out my plan for the day. On a related note, if this feeling continues, I NEED some waterproof mascara. STAT. I guess the upshot is that MVP has seen me at some of my worst lately and has yet to run for the hills.

•5• To be able to be present in the moment. I am always thinking ahead to what I need to do later that day, or where I am running to and what I need to accomplish this weekend to get ready for the next week. I don't feel like I am living in the present, just constantly preparing for (and as we have learned stressing out about) what is coming up next.

•6• A kitchen worthy of my culinary aspirations.

•7• To be like one of the many, many fabulous bloggers I met at this summer's BlogHer conference, and turn this fun distraction into something bigger. I wrote awhile back that I wanted to adopt more of a "Why not me?" attitude because the only way it definitely can't happen for me is if I don't even try. And that worked for awhile. Then coming back from that conference I felt like it was both possible and impossible, all at the same time. I want to be successful with this. I want to be one of those people that was able to take this fun little blogging thing they liked to do and turn it into something more. Whether that was the ability to do it full time and get paid or parlay it into a better job. It's just something I want so very much for myself that I can't even put it into words. I am just struggling a bit (okay, a LOT) into figuring out a roadmap for myself to follow that might allow me to make that dream a reality. Suggestions for me on how the hell I should do this are welcomed ;)


  1. The last one is something I think about too.
    As for your brain being on a hamster wheel. Join the club.
    I talked to my therapist about this yesterday(yes, I go to one..everyone should). She told me to meditate for 15minutes in the morning and at night.
    Try not to think. Listen to yourself breathe. You'll sleep better and feel better by shutting your brain off.
    I did last night and it worked!

  2. I woke up this am very early and my mind was racing. Drives me nuts.

    And as for living in the present. This REALLY helps. I was thinking WAY to much about BP and 6 months down the road. I have been training myself to just think about today and why I am happy and looking forward to next week, but am trying not to think beyond that!